Digital Property Management

From the application management

until the flat handover.

Mietify digitises your rental process.


Mietify – Easy. Mobile. Letting.

Property management on your mobile

Free yourself from mass visits, annoying phone calls and broker fees. Mietify digitises and mobile enables your letting process.

Find the best tenant

You define the criteria, our intelligent system takes care of the tenant screening. Mietify provides you with a sorted and scored list of all applicants. Paperless and directly on your smartphone.

Numbers don´t lie

Mietify saves you at every letting:

Saved hours

Less E-Mails in your inbox


broker's commission

Less phone calls

Using Mietify is easy-peasy

Sign up, sync listings from your favorite channels and start letting digitally.  Mietify is dead easy, it does not require any training or setup processes.

Automated scheduling

No more scheduling calls with your tenants or wasted hours waiting for applicants no show applicants.

GDPR-compliant letting

Replace your real estate agent and start using Mietify. It´s free.

Have the core figues in sight

Vacancy is expensive. Letting with Mietify is up to 50% faster. With Mietify you can bring qualified tenants in faster.


Here in Hamburg it is really challanging to find an apartment. You need to manually file your application multiple times and without knowing who has access to your data. Thanks to Mietify I found my apartment and I love it.

Dennis S. – Tenant from Hamburg

We brokers need to always be up to date to the latest legal compliancies such as GDPR. Mietify is taking care of it for me and that saves alot of time. Wow!

Frida W. – Real estate broker from Düsseldorf

We are now working in a paperless office. Before Mietify I had to print out documents, hand them over to the tenants and later scan them again. We already saved hundreds of hours executing annoying tasks. This is briliant!

Alejandro K. – Investor from Munich

Finally there is an end to the mass vistings. As you get older, it is more and more challaning dealing twith those masses. Thanks to Mietify I can now invite only the most prominent applicants in order to find the best tenant.

Tanja R. – Landlord from Berlin

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